A call to action is one of those simple, low-cost marketing techniques that works. You need it on your center brochure, on your website pages, on flyers and banners, in advertisements, etc. A call to action is a directive statement that tells the reader or viewer what to do next. It is usually placed near the end of your message, after good content has interested your prospect and persuaded them to investigate further.

Be sure your call to action is directive versus just informative. “Call today to schedule your center visit,” is directive. “We welcome center visits,” is informative but less effective at generating response.

Examples of good use of the call to action technique I have see or read in recent early care and education advertisements:

Enroll Now – Space Limited

Visit our website at www.xxxxxxxxx.com

Give us a call.

Order online today!

Call for an appointment.

It has always intrigued me that if you tell prospects exactly what you want them to do, a high percentage of the serious ones will do just that!

Whether the goal of your message is to generate inquiries, to position your center or company or to encourage people to enroll now, including a call to action will make it easier for the recipients of your message to respond. When they do, you’ll know your call to action is working.

Test Yourself…

Which of the following statements is a call to action?

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Answer: The second one.

Good luck and happy marketing!

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