“Do you hear what I say?” is not only a phrase from an old song, it is a very important consideration for better enrollment building. That is, listening. How well do you listen to your prospects and customer? Hearing is a bodily function. Listening is a skill. Her are some tips to help you become a better listener:

1.  Stop talking! You cannot listen if you are talking.  “Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice.”  – Hamlet

2.  Show her that you want to focus on her concerns.  Sound and act interested.  Listen to understand, not to reply.

3.  Remove distractions.  Don’t do any other things, such as read, chew gum, drink coffee, balance books, etc. Writing on an inquiry card while you’re listening is fine.

4.  Empathize.  Try to put yourself in the prospect’s perspective.  Try to see that person’s point of view.

5.  Be patient.  Do not interrupt.

6.  Ask open questions; then actively listen.  Encourage detailed expression of needs.

7.  Show you are listening by using empathetic, active listening responses.

For more techniques on good listening, check the learning program, Basic Techniques for Securing Enrollment, from The Julian Group’s Enrollment Building Success Library.

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