Dear Julie,

I just wanted to send you another thank you for the great tip on getting the kindergarten teachers to respond for the Head Start and Beyond…Parent EmPOWERment Transition Open House Event that we had yesterday evening! Six kindergarten teachers from three elementary schools came and shared a wealth of information with our parents! I have sent you attachments of the special letter I sent to the kindergarten teachers. I added the director and assistant director along with myself as signers to add more weight to the letter, too. The letter I usually send to the kindergarten teachers, and that I did send to outside agencies,is also attached. Also the flyer/registration form for the parents. You said to tell the kindergarten teachers it would be beneficial to them, so that is what I did. Eighteen of the nineteen other agencies also attended. Everyone thanked me for inviting them and a lot of them asked me to remember them next year! Now my goal is to have more of our parents come. I made a checklist that the vendors initialed when the parent stopped at their table. The completed ones are eligible to be in a drawing for a door prize. I have attached that checklist, too. I’m just so thrilled that it all went so well I want to show you all of it, sorry for my exhuberance. Thank you again, Julie! Without your tip we probably once again would not have any kindergarten teachers attending. Like I said before, your last name should be Awesome!!! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Mrs. Cyndee Tanas,
Family Support Specialist
School City of Hammond Head Start Program


Julie Wassom is a marketing expert who knows how to get results in the field and in the classroom. As a trainer, she is fun, engaging and on-target with her delivery. Best of all, Julie ensures that her classes go away not only with greater marketing knowledge, but also with the motivation to go back to their jobs and put their new knowledge to work.

Bob Feese, past Director of Marketing Communications
Crème de la Crème Inc., Denver, CO


Julie is an extraordinary expert on marketing within the children’s services community. Her knowledge and attention to detail have helped our programs grow and reach a high level of financial performance. She is easy to work with and offers a great value to our business leaders. I strongly recommend Julie to you.

Bob Siegel, National Director, Children’s Services
Easter Seals Inc., Chicago, IL


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