Now is the time to put your pencil to a Marketing Action Plan. This is the “To Do” list within your overall marketing plan. It is the blueprint of marketing activities that work together to generate inquiries and help you secure and retain enrollments.

Begin with a simple list of each marketing action you will take, the time line, the person responsible, the budget allocated to this effort, and the method of evaluating its effectiveness.

I recommend layering several types of marketing communication into your plan. For example, in each quarter of the year, attempt to take at least one action that is advertising (such as an ad in your local newspaper or magazine), one that is public relations (such as generating an article about your center or school in the local press), one to three community involvement activities (such as a visit to a local nursing home or school, an event at your center, or a talk at a nearby corporation), and a customer relations activity (such as sending out a newsletter that has a parent’s Q&A column).

Best wishes and happy marketing!

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