It can be hard to keep up with everything going on online- so I felt it only appropriate to gather together my five favorite blogs from this year so far, and put them in a digest for you to easily reference.  I hope your week is going extremely well!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Goals! Many of us like to set goals for different areas of our professional and personal lives. As you set goals for 2011, be sure to include those for marketing and enrollment building in your early care and education business.  Here are some tips for making your goals clear and achievable.

Are You Using Your Van for Marketing? Your center’s vehicle is a rolling billboard upon which you can advertise your early care and education services. What center or company identifier is currently written on your center’s van? If the answer is “Nothing,” you are missing a cost-effective marketing opportunity.

First Impressions Count I like to say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” How true that is for you with the impression you and your center make on an enrollment prospect. That impression contributes to the image in their minds of how their child will adjust and be treated in your care, and it has strong impact on their enrollment choice.

What Closing Is Not! The skill of closing – or asking for a center visit or a commitment to enrollment – is an uncomfortable skill for many directors to master. Because you know it is a critical skill for converting more prospects to enrollees, it is very tempting to dance around actually asking the right questions and still call it closing.

Writing a Press Release Generating positive publicity is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate a good message about your center and its services. A third party endorsement gives you a powerful opinion influencer. This post shows you the basic how-to on writing a press release for your center.

Good luck and Happy marketing!

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