M-M-C stands for Mail-Mail-Call, and refers to the periodic follow-up activity you schedule with each qualified prospect or customer of your business.

The “M-M-C” Follow-Up System
Step One: After an inquiry call or visit, mail a personal note and information of interest to your prospect immediately so he/she receives the mailing within 2-5 days after he/she spoke with you.

Step Two: Within the next 7-10 days, place a brief follow-up call to inquiries or visitors, offering your help in this decision-making process.

During this call, request permission to put prospect on your mailing list, with a question such as, “Would you like me to periodically send you information that will be of value to you as you consider purchasing (X Product/Service)?”

Step Three: Add all those who have given you permission to follow-up into your monthly contact file. Designate one day each month to follow-up.  (These prospects HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED the initial mailing and follow-up call – Steps One and Two. Follow-up for existing customers begins with Step Three of the M-M-C System.)

                         Call            Visit       Oct          November         December          January

Prospect A      10/27                                           Mail                   Mail                 Call                 

Prospect B       9/22                     Mail                Call                    Mail                 Mail

Prospect C      10/25     10/30                          Mail                   Mail                 Call

Each time you call, ask prospects or customers if they would like to remain on your mailing list. If they have not yet come to our farm or ranch for a visit, attempt to schedule one during this call unless their location or situation dictates otherwise.

Prospects and customers stay in your M-M-C Follow-Up System until they tell you to discontinue contact.

Julie Wassom

For information on taking the work out of your follow-up, contact me at Julie@JulieWassom.com