Consulting HandshakeIs your marketing generating enough qualified inquiries?


Child care companies who cost-efficiently generate qualified inquiries have more opportunities to convert enrollment. When you consult with Julie Wassom, it’s like adding a manager to your team who has…

  • Decades of experience in best practices for attracting enrollment prospects
  • Unparalleled expertise in building a strong image
  • Latest techniques for maximizing online and offline marketing communications

“The best sales training and marketing consultant we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with is Julie Wassom of The Julian Group, Inc.  Her knowledge of the child care industry is outstanding. This, coupled with her competence and communication skills, makes her the best in her field.  When we work with someone like Julie, we know the project is destined for success.”


Angela V. Megasko, President
Market Viewpoint, LLC, Glenmoore, PA

Julie provides marketing and sales consulting in three ways:

  1. Jump-start or special project
  2. Comprehensive services for long-term needs
  3. Maximizing Enrollment System of customized training and consulting to increase capacity utilization and build a sustainable enrollment sales process

To take your image and enrollment to the next level, contact Julie Wassom today.