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The Seven Second Impression

A Marketing Tip from Julie Wassom

Seven seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a good impression on the telephone with those prospects calling your business.

Even with the increase in Internet shopping and purchasing, your telephone is a powerful marketing tool. To take full advantage of the sales opportunity your telephone gives you, it is imperative that you make a good first impression with callers. Here are some tips for making the first seven seconds count.

·      Smile and take a breath. For many years, I have quoted a successful business person who once told me, “You can hear a smile on the telephone.” She was right. Do it.

·      Slow down. It’s easy to zip through the dialogue you say when you answer several calls a day, but when it’s a prospect, you have only one chance – and only seven seconds – to give them the perception that you are professional and in control.

·      Pay attention to your volume and tone. Did you just step in from busy tasks elsewhere? You may need to lower your voice or professionalize your tone as you answer the call.

·      Use appropriate dialogue. Conclude your introductory dialogue with a detail-generating question, such as “How may I help you?” It’s a mouthful, yes, but to an inquiring prospect, it says you’re ready to listen.

·      Be professional, yet friendly. Think in your prospect’s perspective. Their perception of you, not yours, will influence their buying decision. Make sure yours communicates the image you want.

Never take your business telephone for granted. And to maximize its value to you, use those first seven seconds to make the best impression you can.

If those skills need improving, contact Julie Wassom today , to help you increase your conversions and your revenue.

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